Halloween Decorations & Winston’s New Things

Happy Sunday!

Just went shopping to quickly pick up a few things for Winston (he hates the new food I bought him & seems a bit bored this week). I went to Wilko’s because they have some cute things for little pets! They also had a huge Halloween section so I picked up a couple of things to make my flat look a bit more festive for the month.





Oh, and Winston seems happy with his new things too!




It seems to have all been a bit too much for him though….


Hope you all have an awesome Sunday xxxxxx

Making Bread

Good evening!

I attempted to make bread today.

It took…… A while? Haha. Anyway I thought I’d share with you guys.


I followed an ‘easy bread recipe’ from online. I basically had to mix 500g bread flour, 12g fast action dried yeast, 2tsp salt & 300ml warm water together using my hands to form the dough, then I had to knead it for about 5 – 6 minutes. I left it in the bowl (above) to rise for about an hour & a half, then kneaded it again before placing it in the baking dish. Then I left it to rise AGAIN for another couple of hours (longggggggggg).

I baked it for likeeee, an hour in total? This is how it turned out.



I don’t actually think it looks that bad for my first attempt! It tastes pretty good too – a little doughy though so I think maybe I didn’t bake it for quite long enough.

It will be tasty for toast in the morning! πŸ™ŠπŸ˜


Vintage Postcards to The Dukes Head – Written from 1953!


So I’m currently helping my Mom run her eBay shop – she sells some really cool vintage things, as well as lots of other quirky bits and bobs. She ordered a massive amount of old post cards (literally about 10 boxes) and I was helping her sort through them when I noticed how many were weirdly addressed to the same place – The Dukes Head in Sussex, England. I looked online and it’s a pub and it’s still open, which I thought was really cool (and nice because SO many pubs in England have been getting closed down lately) – oh, and the post cards that I have found so far are from the early to late 50’s!

I got so excited over this because I love this type of thing. I’ve taken a few pictures – I only have my iPad camera so they aren’t amazing, so I apologise for the quality. I will be getting a new camera soon!

Anyway, I hope you like them! (And see if you can read them because I’ve had trouble making out what they say) xxxx







Vintage Make-Up Compacts


Just thought I’d share these cute little make up compacts with you! My mom gave them to me today and I am so in love with them!

They look like brand new inside as well, I’m not sure whether they’ve even been used. I’m thinking of putting powder in the one and blusher in the other? Let me know what you think!


vintage make up compacts

029 030


Earth Ships?

Hiya! So I’ve always been a little bit of a tree hugger – not gonna lie! I’d love to become self-sufficient one day too and I’ve been looking at a few ways of doing so.

I found loads of blogs, images and videos of these Earth Ships – and they actually look amazing. They don’t sound it (being made out of like, old tyres and bottles) but they really do look quite beautiful. Plus, they’re pretty eco-friendly.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

I’ve read that you can build them yourself too? How cool is that? I realllllllyyyyy want one!!! I think they work out about the same price as building a normal house though, so I have a little bit of a wait ahead of me.


Last Day Yesterday

Hey, so it was my last day at work yesterday. I was really sad to say bye but it’s the start of something new and exciting!

I didn’t realise how used to it I’d got. It felt really weird knowing that I wouldn’t have to go there anymore.

My beautiful friend Sam got me someΒ flowers, even though we are deffo gonna see each other loads (starting with a huge vintage fair next Sunday!) which was super sweet. Then a few of us went for a couple of drinks to say byeeeeee! Me and Heather got carried away – ended up with tequila……. Bad ass!


Monday, I did something terrifying.

I. Quit. My. Job.

It’s not what you’re probably thinking though!

I quit to finally start up my business, that I’ve been working on for such a painfully long time. Some of you might know that I studied fashion & clothes making at college; it’s something that I love putting my time into & want to pursue as a career. So that’s what I’m going to do. I leave work on the 26th of September so by then I hope to be up and running and selling the things that I make & put time into.

Scaryyyyyy times!! I am terrified but excited! SO MANY EMOTIONS. So. Many.

Here are a couple of pictures showing you a teeny weeny glimpse of what it is that I do. I will post my actual shop link when it’s up!