My Baby Sister

Happy Monday Evening!

Thought I would post some pictures of me & my favourite little lady! I have to admit, since I moved out I miss my little brother & sister so much. Obviously I can’t live with them forever! There’s 18 years between us – that’s a big difference!





Thank you for reading! Hope you’ve all had a happy and non-stressful Monday!

xo Daisy πŸ˜˜πŸ’–βœ¨

Shopping in Birmingham


I went to meet my brother in town today and ended up treating myself to a couple of things!



I love disney so dragged my little bro to the disney store hahaha. There was a little mermaid mug that I wanted but apparently they don’t make the mugs in that style anymore which is a but rubbish. I have a tangled one from Christmas and it’s so cute! Kind of sad that will be my last one haha lameeeee! Anyway, I saw this Alice in wonderland cup which I thought was super cute.

The guy at the till was like, totally amazing too. After I’d bought it he said “have a magical day!” – you do not even understand how happy he made me β˜ΊοΈβœ¨πŸ’Ž



The Vans store had some crazy ass sale on too – obviously I couldn’t miss that due to being a dedicated Vans fan 😜 I bought these high tops for Β£28!! How good is that? They’re usually like Β£60 so I am currently a very happy bunny!


Hope you’re having a nice Sunday! πŸ˜˜πŸ’–

xo Daisy

Happy 2 Years!


I’ve been with my boyfriend Dan for two years today! We are pretty drunk in every photo we have together, so please, embrace this incredible picture of us both, hahaha.

I don’t know what I’d do without him – he’s my best friend & I wouldn’t have wanted to spend the last two years with anyone else! (Cheesy post sorry!)

Hope you all had a good day 😊😘

xo Daisy

Awkward Wednesday: Customers on the Phone

Hi guys

So I was at work earlier and was inspired to start a new weekly post called “Awkward Wednesday” – basically where I list awkward things people do/say/etc in different situations.

The first one is going to be based around customers that I have to speak to over the phone daily, because seriously, there are some painfully awkward situations. So I thought I’d share these with you! Hope you like this – if not then I am sorry! (Another awkward situation……)

1. When you answer a call that has come through. “Hello, you’re through to Daisy, how are you today?” – you pause for a response of some kind, but alas, NOTHING. This is one of the things that kills me the most. I never know what to say after – I’m like “Errrrrm, soooooo…. how can I help you?”.

2. “You sound hot, how old are you? Like 16?” – enough said here. Creepy as fuck.

3. “I know how your job works – you press a button and you can reduce my price by Β£100″. So I’m all like (insert smooth voice here) “OH really – so how long have you been selling insurance for?”.

4. “I haven’t even heard of this insurer that you’re quoting me through – Get me a price through a more reputable company like **** Insurance!!!”. My response – “Er – this insurer owns **** Insurance……”.

5. “I’ve added you on Facebook. Do you have Skype??!?!”. This is usually really awkward – because most of these guys have just given me their wife’s and daughter’s details to add onto their policy… Ohmygod please stop.

6. “Any criminal offences we need to be aware of?”. “No – it’s spent now. It was for robbery & manslaughter but it was like, 5 years ago so I don’t have to list it anymore”. ERM WHAT?!

xo Daisy