Baby Blankets – My New Store

I’ve been making lots of cute baby things recently and I’m planning on opening a little online store to sell them all. 

This blanket is a work in progress but I think it’s my favourite so far!

I will post the link once im set up – I’d love it if some of you guys had a look! xxx


Max’s First Smile!

My beautiful baby boy started smiling a few weeks ago! It started as a slight curl of his lips to this huge, goofy, nose-scrunched grin.

I’m really not an emotional person but this keeps making my eyes fill up – I can’t believe I managed to create such a beautiful and amazing little boy. 

xoxo Daisy 

How to cope (and do well!) at university when pregnant

So lots of you know I had my little one a month ago on the 17th January. I actually started college in September last year, knowing full well that I was pregnant.

I’d decided early last year that I wanted to go back and study, so when I found out I was expecting Max it felt as though nothing was going to fit together. I felt really lost for a few months because I really didn’t know what I was going to do with my future other than be a mom, then one morning I woke up and thought – why can’t I do both? What’s wrong with studying whilst pregnant? Why can’t I be a new mom who does her college work when the little one sleeps? 

I started to look online at other girls and women who had tried to do the same and only found negative comments and stories. I was shocked at how little support there was for young pregnant girls from other women on forums – some of the comments were awful. I honestly don’t get why there is so much hate towards girls wanting to go back to study and try to make a future for themselves – would sitting at home doing nothing be a better option? No, so why are so many people so unsupportive of the idea? 

I decided to ignore the advice online and find out exactly what university when pregnant would be like for myself. 

Here’s what I found:

1. Tell them before you start the course. I’m pretty sure it’s classed as discrimination if they say that you cant continue. I didn’t tell them when I went for my interview as it was so early but I let them know at my enrolment and they were totally fine with it. It’s best that you tell them as soon as possible due to health and safety, as well as your own comfort. My college always made sure I was safe and had a more supportive chair as I got bigger.

2. Arrange earlier deadlines. All of my dates to hand in my work were actually the week I was due to have the baby so that was no good for me. I decided to hand in my work before we broke up for Christmas, a month earlier than expected. I was allowed to carry on working and could continue to add to my sketchbooks but it was nice knowing that if I did suddenly go into labour, everything was already done and I wouldn’t have a last minute panic handing in my work in between contractions. 

3. Tell your friends! Ive made such lovely friends on my course and honestly, telling them I was pregnant was a really good decision. It stops any awkwardness when they’re asking you to go out for drinks or carry something heavy. People are really understanding and helpful. My friend Adam used to carry my books for me in my last month of pregnancy because A3 size sketchbooks are not easy to carry when you have a giant belly in the way!

4. Ignore negativity. No one on my course was nasty about me being pregnant, however I go to a big college and not everyone is as cool about it as them. Ignore anyone who says anything about it. Who cares? You’re doing amazing and their opinion doesn’t matter. 

5. Have regular meetings with your tutors. You need to know how you’re doing so you can either catch up or stay on track to get the grades that you want. My tutors marked the work id done each week and let me know what needed to be done to get my final grades. This really helped me to feel more confident about my work and kept me motivated. 

6. Stay calm. It’s stressful sometimes and there will be days where you have mini meltdowns because you have a deadline, baby scan, antenatal appointment and (non-alcoholic!) drinks after classes but you will cope. If you’re feeling down just take a break and chill out. You are allowed to have a day off. 

I honestly hope this helps anyone who’s looking to go back to uni. I’ll write a post about mom life whilst studying in the next few months but I’m not back at college until next week!

xoxo Daisy 

(All pictures are of me and Max)

I finally had my baby! Meet Max!

Hi everyone!

Just thought I’d let you all know that I have had my little bundle of joy! He was born on the 17th January (which was his due date!) at 12:46pm. 

The labour wasn’t the best but I’ll write a whole post on that soon, when I have a free moment haha! 

Being a mom is literally amazing. Don’t get me wrong, I have been SO tired and I’ve only just started to feel slightly more alive these last couple of days since the birth but my little boy is such a sweetie – I can’t even imagine life without him now. What did I even do with my time before?! Who knows. 

Anyway, here he is being all beautiful as per. His name is Max Griffiths – I’m still not sure about his middle name so any suggestions are welcome!

One of the first pictures we took at the hospital. 

After his first bath. 

xxx Daisy 


Baby Bump Update – 38 Weeks!

So you know that you’re growing up when you go and buy a carpet in the January sales, instead of going clothes and make up shopping! The sales guy at Carpetright tried to guess when my baby was due.

Guess what he said?



I am due in 2 weeks exactly! I’ve been told by lots of people my bump is tiny but I was only a size 6 when I got pregnant – I thought that this might have made me look bigger but clearly it doesn’t work that way haha ☺️

It feels like I’ve only just got used to being and looking pregnant and it’s going to be over anytime now! I’m kind of sad. Don’t get me wrong, I am uncomfortable a good chunk of the time, I have had terrible pains in my chest recently, as well as heartburn and it killsssss me. Not being able to put my shoes on properly sucks and I miss being able to eat and drink what I want but I love lots of things about it too. I love being able to feel him moving – his little wiggles and kicks (no matter how sharp they are and that they wake me up at 3am!) are amazing and are a constant reminder that he is real and is mine! I love being able to rub my belly and feel him kick back. It’s a bond that no one else has with him – we already know each other but we have never met. Even though instead of being in my tummy he’ll be here with me, I still feel kind of sad that this experience is almost over, especially as I think he may be the only little one me and my boyfriend have. 

Anyway, here’s an updated picture of me and my little bump. Also his 20 week scan picture as I haven’t uploaded one yet!


Today in a few pictures

I’ve had quite a busy day today so I thought I’d try to take a few photos! Quite tiring for a lady who’s 30 weeks pregnant but I like to be out and about rather than sitting in all day. 

I had college today. All of my deadlines are a month and a half before my classmates because my due date is the same week as normal deadlines! It’s quite stressful trying to get everything handed in on time and to stay organised but I think I’m doing okay! 



I live in Birmingham. I really like it here, I know so many people don’t. I think it’s got a lot to offer that’s often overlooked and I think if you know the right places then it’s a pretty cool place to live. I love living in the city too! There’s always something to do. 




We went for cocktails after college! I had a mocktail obv😉 it was called a Peach Melba and was bloody amazing. Who needs alcohol?! 





 And here’s our cute city by night time. I had a really good day today and I’ve spent it with good people!

Now I’m cooking a steak and I’m going to chill out and stuff my face hahahaha!

Hope you all had a lovely day

xo Daisy



Update: I’m Pregnant, College, New House, OMG


It’s literally been like, a thousand years since I’ve posted. That’s because this year has been totally crazy and so many things have changed – I just haven’t had time to blog and I’ve missed it way too much. I’m going to try to get back into it and post nearly every day like before.

So there might be a slight change in how I blog as I am due to have a tiny baby boy in January! He is going to be the most loved ever – there are so many people who are waiting to meet him, it’s so exciting to think I’m going to be a mom in 10 weeks time!

I’ve also moved into a new house, so I’m feeling pretty grown up right now!

Also, as if that wasn’t enough, I started college in September studying fashion again. So my life is pretty full at the moment! I can’t believe how many things have changed in such a short amount of time.

I just wanted to let you guys know where I’d been… If you’re still there?! I think my last post was February what the hell.

Here’s me being all chubby and pregnant haha!


xo Daisy